Why do relationships built on love become tumultuous and challenging? Sometimes, they begin  as emblems of joy, but can eventually become difficult and even hurtful. Pranav depicts his  unconscious psychosocial experiences in the themes of his expanded development of empathy,  emotional turmoil, and turbulence, and new challenges faced within the expansive dimensions of  maintaining an intentionally durable loving relationship. His works are the product of the  exploration necessary to form a deeper commitment to one another. His practice of  understanding his emerging emotions and sharing them with the other to form a deeper, stronger  love. 

Within these stories are visual depictions of cultural idioms, sexuality, metaphors, semiotics, and  animalia- conveying philosophies helpful to lead a joyful life. These themes ask the viewer to be  inclusive to all and to take a step back on their perspective to understand other’s. More  importantly, these themes remind the viewer to breathe before reacting in a stressful situation to  maintain a meditative frame of mind. Believing that life is precious to oneself and their loved  ones and spending it arguing with each other just to prove one’s point will not make the world a  better place. Works are exemplative of the emotional processing of a close relationship and  elevating it to the universal audience. 

Pranav creates a welcoming energy, offering the viewer an experience that is distinct in its visual  stimulation. The use of muted hues as a means of enhancing and electrifying the vivid and  bright- opening new understandings into intentional use of color. Both direct and indirect  applications of gradation is explored as a means of defining space and optical perceptions. All  this contained in the form of graphic characters; arranged in a collagic-mosaic format- projecting  the intention of creating paintings with lasting potential for the viewer to luxuriate in the  progression of discoveries for years to come.