DorDor Gallery is partnering with Voice, an NFT platform for emerging creators, to kick off NFT.NYC this November.


"We believe that NFTs should be made easy and accessible to everyone. That’s why Voice is partnering with Brooklyn’s own DorDor Gallery, a revolutionary home for artists going global, to present a gallery exhibition and opening event to kick off this year’s NFT.NYC conference.

NFTs are typically displayed digitally, but they’re starting to garner recognition in a more traditional gallery world. If you enjoy viewing art in physical spaces, now is your opportunity. 

The event, which hosts speakers, networking, and an NFT gallery, will admit attendees via tickets that are minted as NFTs on Voice. Only 100 will be available, but they can be resold on Voice to admit additional attendees. The Voice community will get first access to tickets, so make sure you’ve created your account.

Voice creators also have the exclusive opportunity to submit their NFTs for a chance to be displayed in the gallery throughout the day. Submissions open October 1st and close October 15th. Artists selected will be announced by October 25th.

Submissions must be NFTs minted on Voice, but beyond that the possibilities are endless. Display your poetry, paintings, 3D animations, and more. If your NFT has a complementary physical element, you have the option of showcasing that as well. 

While ushering in a new era of ownership and monetization, NFTs provide an unparalleled opportunity of exploration for creators of every type. We’re excited to bring the format to a physical space and showcase your creations.

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