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IRL and Virtual Group Show


"metaphysical" is an upcoming IRL/digital group show curated by Max Kulchinsky featuring artists such as blacksneakers, Sean Williams and more. A first of its kind in format, metaphysical will feature ten physical pieces shown at DorDor Gallery in New York City and ten accompanying digital pieces as NFTs from a selection of the fastest-growing North American creators in the NFT space, including established and emerging blockchain-based artists.

FEATURED ARTISTS: blacksneakers, Dillon ATM, Bobbi Cai, Noah Kocher, Max Kulchinsky, mew.psd, Soulo Saint, Squibs, Sophie Sturdevant, Sean Williams

The digital pieces are available here for sale and will also be displayed at the DordorGallery and in a virtual Bitski gallery available on

Bitski wallets are now integrated into OnCyber, so collectors and artists can display NFTs directly from their Bitski wallet in digital environments from temples to spaceships.

The show title "metaphysical," plays off the "metaverse" in which digital art will live forever, and the physical space that will exist for just a period of time.

Physical showing at DorDor Gallery

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Opening Reception: July 23, 7 pm - 2 am ET

On view; July 23 - July 28

Virtual showing with Bitski via
Monday @ 3P PT / 6P ET

Closing Times
NFT Auctions: Monday, July 26 7PM ET