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Keion Staton

Today I woke up and realize nothing mattered

My existence is just a wink in the lifespan of the universe

What I do only matters temporarily unless I can do a task so bizarre, that it’ll was snowball for eons

But idk if I can fathom a concept that that big 


Well maybe in my sleep

But since I’m on the topic of sleep 


There’s no reason that we can’t build towards a world that looks more like our dreams than our nightmares


But I guess it’s hard to dream, when your reality feels like a nightmare


I once was lost in the circumstances and vices of life

Until one day I woke up and understood the soul is a lucid entity 

Depression, anxiety, and feeling bleak

Are All ideas


Living in an Idea based world


All “isms” once were an idea from someone’s brain

Racism, sexism, classism

Are all just ideas

Ideas that someone was able to bring into the physical realm

If Reality is only as real as thoughts in our head why do we continue to live in a world that isn’t identical to our mindset