Interactive exhibition: DIRTY ART HAIRDRESSING

Date: March 8-11, 2021

Location: DorDor Gallery, New-York

Organized by hairdressing label HairFcker

The main idea of the exhibition is to introduce to the citizens of New York City the works of avant-garde Russian hairdressers. The exhibition is based on art objects, made of hair, which touches the idea of recycling, ethics, and conscious consumption.

The gallery, where the exhibition took place is located in the center of the most youth and creative district of New York - Bushwick. Many young artists moved there a few years ago, this district is filled with youth and creativity. This is a neighborhood of small galleries and underground parties, hipsters and free artists. The exhibition fits there very well. The main theme that unites many of art-works was “Graffiti”. Artists, which work with hair, perceive the hairstyle as an element of street art, as a means of self-expression. In each of the exhibited works was encrypted meaning, a message to the world. The messages were literally written on the head. For example, the Russian "word of three letters" (similar to the word “fuck”) became the basis for more than a dozen hairstyles, those who were inspired by HairFcker, and then, it becomes a new avant-garde trend, which gathered a lot of followers.

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The exhibition was featured by art objects, made of hair, which touch the theme of recycling, ethics and conscious consumption, mixed-media paintings by Kirill HairFcker, and a collection of photographs made by residents of the HairFcker label. A one-and-a-half-hour digital program was presented, where video, photo, and graphic art made by new talents was collected.

Among them are:

  • the “Reflection” project - mystical photo compositions by Natalie Tashlykova

  • the collection of surreal works by Maria Klass

  • the "Triple shot" - a documentary video about the legendary barbershop punk party led by marginal stylist Yura BadHair

  • shocking video “The Naked Salon” by Anna Grishakova

  • the brutal presentation of barbershop advertising by Leva Pitersky

  • the premiere of the movie by HairFcker 

  • abstract, hypnotic video collages of an alternative hair - universe by Artem Chepchugov from Yekaterinburg (Artem was recognized by the American hairdressing community, he received the "Best Video of the Year" award at the Hairbrained Video Award in 2018)

Digital art has become the focus of the exhibition. Due to the pandemic, more than ten people were not allowed to enter the gallery at the same time, and the creation of hairstyles on models was excluded from the program.

Performances on video screens:

• The PAIN. About the feelings, problems and injuries of the hairdresser, which always remain behind the scenes. Authors: Alina Starzhinskaya, Mashenka Weinstein, Kristina Golubeva

  •        HAIR=ATAVISM. In this video, Kirill HairFcker glued himself by the hair to a street pole in London, talking about what a burden in a person's life is hair. After all, initially, the hair served to protect against external factors, but nowadays, it completely lost this function. As a result, the glued artist was able to free himself, only shaving off his hair and leaving it hanging on a post. Author: Kirill HairFcker

The exhibition visitors had a sense, that they had visited a different reality, where the same people live, but a completely different attitude to fashion and hair. The reality, there are no socio-cultural codes and restrictions in visual appearance. 

"Immersion in these images changes the viewer's perception of hair so that eventually leads to emancipation in creating their own appearance, so people become brighter, more creative and, correspondingly freer. This is how we change the world around us”, - says Kirill Sarychev, the organizer of the event. “We want the world to know Russian names. In our country, the beauty industry is not developed well, where large cosmetic brands “buy” the best hairstylists, as in the West, where they become warriors of the brand, carry its philosophy and visual style. Our hairstylists are developing mostly independently; in fact, it creates a large number of independent hairdressers, who do not have any limits in creativity.  And just as a hundred years ago, Russian avant-garde artists had a strong influence on Western art, so now, Russian hairdressers give a creative kick to the beauty industry", - said Kirill.

The "Dirty Art Hairdressing" exhibition has in its mission to introduce the new format of art & fashion from the Russian label HairFcker to the American people. The event has generated a lot of interest in New York, by now, new exhibitions are already planned in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Miami.

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