Anastasiya Samahovetc

Anastasiya has attended the high school of Art, course of Music. Then she got a degree in Archemchik's Minsk College of Arts in Painting. She also has a degree as a teacher of arts.
Now Anastasia Samohovetc is a freelance artist.

Currently living and working in New York.

She likes to experiment with different media.

Member of the communities of Art Bank  ChinaBrooklyn Woman Artists.



This is a project dedicated to the beauty and uniqueness of the intersex people.
After all, they prove the existence of a non-binary world!
Who are intersex people?

Intersex people are born with physical, hormonal or genetical features that don’t fit typical definitions of male and female.
Today, about 40 intersex variations are known. This is a person's biological state, not sexual orientation.
Most of all, intersex people face similar bias and fear of difference that faces the entire LGBTQ community. As such, intersex people are valuable members of our communities who deserve recognition and respect. 
In many countries, intersex children are subjected to repeated surgery and treatment to try to change their sex characteristics and appearance, causing terrible physical, psychological and emotional pain – and violating their rights.
Intersex children don’t need to be “fixed”; they are perfect just as they are!
Help us spread the word!


Upcoming Project:
Identity. Intersex Talks.